Find beauty in the broken


Introvert, Extrovert, Ambivert

Man walking alone

I recently read a post about what kind of personality a person has. Find the original post here The funny thing about reading it is that now I’ve thought my way into a bad mood.

I’m an introvert by definition. I feel refreshed, energized, and like I can be myself when I’m alone. If I could inhabit a single story of an old warehouse with my studio, a soccer goal, and a workshop I’d probably be quite content. I love people, but being around them (any of them) full-time is exhausting and emotionally draining. In fact, all of those post-apocalyptic movies are somewhat appealing to me, not because of the requisite zombies and vagabonds but because of how peaceful it seems. I know, right? A post-apocalyptic movie seems peaceful to me…

So this week I haven’t had much (any) time by myself. I’m edgy, annoyed, irritable, and my nerves are raw. I’m fantasizing about hiking far from civilization so I can breath. That won’t be happening today, so maybe I’ll go clean the garage and paint a bit. Yeah, that’s a decent alternative.


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