Find beauty in the broken

About the artist

“From the ripe old age of 5, I knew I’d be an artist. It’s the easy question that every adult thinks to ask a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And that was always the answer, “An artist.” The truth of the matter is that when adults ask that question, they really mean, “What job do you want?”. I’ve unknowingly answered with who I am, not with my desired occupation. An artist sees what isn’t there and what he knows SHOULD be there. An artist creates something from what he has. He creates because the great Artist first created him and all of his tools and skills.

“I create art with the goal of drawing attention to the reality of life. When I look around, I see imperfection. Weeds in the grass , homes that need repair (even when brand new), people who are damaged. I also see how things that are separate are also part of each other. With something I say, an idea expressed, I can change your life. I can cause you pain, cause you to be angry, cause you to be encouraged or feel hope. When I make art, it’s these thoughts that inspire what I make. I’d like those who see my art to recognize what is there, see how things are broken, and see the beauty in the brokenness. Not that being broken is beautiful or desirous, but that even through the brokenness the beauty can be seen.”



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